Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How is BaiBoard used?

BaiBoard enables users to create, share and collaborate various content. Many educators use BaiBoard to create educational materials and later share or collaborate with students.

BaiBoard client is currently available on iPad and Mac. Viewing only is available via web page.

Q: What are Boards and Meets?

Board is your local content canvas before sharing with others.

Meet is a collaborative session you have hosted or joined.

Nearby Meet let you discover and join a Meet hosted in the same WiFi network.

Q: How many concurrent users can join a Meet for collaboration at same time?

For most use cases, the limit for a Meet is 40 concurrent users or less.

If your use case is content (drawing/PDF/images) or bandwidth intensive, you may experience the number to be lower.

Q: I have trouble connecting to BaiBoard server when starting or joining a Meet.

It’s likely that your firewall is blocking access to BaiBoard server. Please unblock the following on your firewall:

Host: * (IP: and Port: 26273

Also check if your firewall has additional rules for HTTPS.

If your issue persists, contact us at the email address shown below.

Q: Is collaborative sessions on BaiBoard real-time or asynchronous?

BaiBoard Meets can be synchronous (real-time) or asynchronous, as meeting data are persistently stored in the cloud.

Q: What about data security on BaiBoard?

256 bits AES encryption is applied to all data (diagrams, annotated docs etc) stored on BaiBoard server. Keys are generated at the start of a Meet, and protected by a combination of user password and randomly generated SALT.

Q: How does document collaboration work on BaiBoard?

Import a PDF via Dropbox or Google Drive to BaiBoard, you can collaboratively annotate PDF with others, synchronously or asynchronously. Some use cases include contract signing and form filler.

Q: What is the term of use of BaiBoard?

Here it is:

Q: Do I have ownership of the content I create on BaiBoard?

Yes. We don’t own or share any content our users create on BaiBoard. Our privacy policy:

Q: Is BaiBoard totally free to use?

Yes, We intend to keep BaiBoard free to our users for the entire foreseeable future.

Q: Any sign-up or account setup process to use BaiBoard?

No, there is no registration process required. You could leave an optional email address for us to send your Meets info, but it s not required.

Q: Is a private cloud hosting option available for my organization?

Email us with your use case, we may be able to setup for private BaiBoard for you, either at a fee or totally for free.